The particulars of its organization, functions and duties;

A.P. Mineral Development Corporation Limited (APMDC), formerly known as A.P. Mining Corporation Limited was established on 24th February, 1961 and registered under the Companies Act, 1956 as a wholly owned undertaking of the Government of Andhra Pradesh, including exploration, exploitation, conservation, processing, beneficiation, conversion into value added products, promotion of mineral based industries and sale of ores mined.

The most valued Company for sustainable development of minerals with commitment for environment protection and safety, and to become the leader in mining by optimal utilization of resources, creating added value and with sustainable growth.

Exploration and exploitation of mineral resources with due emphasis on environment & safety and development & promotion of mineral based industries adopting innovative technology and advanced skills for accelerated and sustainable growth.

To become a model Public Sector Undertaking (PSU) by demonstrating sustained growth and profitability, operational efficiency and to maximize value to the shareholder (Government of Andhra Pradesh).

  • To lay focus on capacity building and adoption of technology in development, exploration and beneficiation of mineral resources.
  • To encourage and facilitate investment through Public – Private – Participation (PPP).
  • To explore new markets Nationally and Internationally.
  • To become socially responsible and eco-friendly by adopting cleaner technologies and sustainable policies reflecting the best in the industry.

The Corporation started its mining activity with Iron ore mining near Gandrai in Krishna District in 1961 and its operations were extended by undertaking the mining of Limestone in Kurnool District, and limestone in Kurnool and Anantapur Distracts, plastic clay in East Godavari District, Ball clay in West Godavari District, Quartz in Mahaboobnagar District, Barytes in YSR Kadapa Dist.

Over the years, the Corporation achieved considerable growth and diversification in terms of number of mines, type of minerals taken up for mining, operation of joint ventures, establishment of processing facilities etc., The processing plants were in the area of clay lavation, Silica Sand, Mica bricks and Asbestos processing. The joint ventures were in the area of Cement, Marble, Graphite, Quartz and Asbestos. In the process, some activities and units were discontinued subsequently and some new activities and units were taken up.

The Corporation is currently being operated from the following work locations:

Si.No Name of the Project District Mineral


Barytes Project, Mangampet, Rly.Kodur.

YSR Kadapa



Galaxy Granite Project, Chimakurthy


Galaxy Granite


Sri Venkateswara Ball Clay Project, Dwarakatirumala

West Godavari

Ball Clay


Regional Office


Semi Precious Stone

The Mangampet Barytes deposit is the single largest deposit in the World with an estimated reserve of about 74 million tonnes. Barytes mining has been the main stay of the Corporation, contributing to more than 95% of the turnover. The Barytes mines contribute 95% of the production of Barytes in the Country and about 14% of the World’s Barytes production.

The Corporation has a mining lease for Ball Clay in Dwarakatirumala of West Godavari District over an extent of 13.93 hectares and the mining is being done on raising and sale contracts separately. The Corporation receives a consideration of Rs.19 lakhs per annum from mine and clay washery.

The Corporation is engaged in quarrying of Black Galaxy Granite in 81.669 hectares in Chimakurthy, Prakasam District, through joint venture with three Companies – Alliance Andhra Pradesh Black Galaxy Granites Private Limited, Andhra Pradesh Granite (Midwest) Private Limited and Pallava Red Granite Private Limited. The Corporation expects to get a revenue of about Rs.20 Crores from the JVs. The amount of consideration received upto the year 2012-13 is Rs.63.44 crores and production is 174437 CBM.

New projects and projects in pipeline

Bauxite deposits in the State have been estimated to contain 700 million tones, out of which 570 million tones have been investigated at Visakhapatnam and East Godavari districts in 25 pockets covering an area of about, 4,775 hectares. These deposits are divided into two groups – Araku and Chintaplly. These areas fall in the reserve forest and notified Scheduled Tribal area. GoAP has reserved these deposits for exclusive exploitation by Public Sector Undertaking. Accordingly, the Corporation has filed mining lease applications for all the areas.

The Araku and Sapparla group of deposits have 240 Million tones of Bauxite reserves covering 2446 hectares. APMDC has received provisional grant of ML for 3 Araku reserves and has applied for forest and environmental clearance.

MoU was signed on 14 th February 2007 between GoAP and Government of Ras al-Khaimah (United Arab Emirates) who set up an Alumina plant and Alumina Smelter in A.P. with a capacity of 1 million tonnes per annum and 2.5 lakh tones respectively. The Corporation will supply the Bauxite needed for the plant from the Jerrila blocks I, II, III & VIII covering an extent of 1,162 hectares having a reserves of 224.60 million tones. The Corporation has been granted four mining leases in the Jerrila area and obtained pre-requisite approvals for mining plans from the IBM.

Environmental clearance has been accorded for the four blocks of Jerriala on 12 th December 2008 by the Ministry of Environment & Forest, Government of India.

The MoEF has also agreed in principle for diversion of forest land on 12 th August 2008. The Corporation is pursuing for final approval which has to be issued by the Government of India under Sec.2 of the Forest Conservation Act 1980.

The Nuagoan Teli Shahi Coal Block in Orissa Covering an extent of 15 sq. km. containing 900 million tonnes of coal has been jointly allotted to M/s APMDC Ltd. and Orissa Mining Corporation (OMC) by the Ministry of Coal, GOI. Detailed exploration of this block has been completed by MECL in 2012 and now the work of mining plan preparation is going on by Central Mine Planning and Design institute. A Joint Venture has been formed between APMDC and OMC on 50:50 basis for operation of this block. The production is planned to start from 2015 onwards. Peak production would be 15 Million Tonnes / annum.

APMDC has been allotted Suliyari Coal Block in Singauli district of Madhya Pradesh having 145 Million Tonnes C to E grade reserves of Coal in 1298 hectares of area. Mining Plan, EIA / EIP has been prepared and the process of environment clearance and land acquisition is going on. Production of Coal will start from second half of 2014 and peak production would be 5 Million Tonnes / annum. The operation of block will be done by a Joint Venture of APMDC and SCCL Ltd.

APMDC has applied for 16 ML applications in the districts of Srikakulam, Vizianagaram, Visakhapatnam, East Godavari, West Godavari and Krishna.

APMDC has entered into a joint venture agreement with M/s Bothli trade AG, Switzerland on 24.08.2006 for exploitation of 4 areas in Srikakulam, Vizianagaram and Visakhapatnam districts having a resource of 62.75 Million Tonnes of Heavy Mineral.

Government of India has issued prior approvals for 3618 hectares of applied area.

APMDC has asked the Government to review this Joint Venture.

APMDC also intends to work with Indiran Rare Earths Ltd., in Joint Venture for operation of newly applied areas in Visakhapatnam, Krishna, West Godavari and East Godavari districts.

The Corporation entered into an agreement with M/s V.V.Minerals (P) Ltd., to explore and exploit Heavy Mineral Beach Sands in Srikakulam.

Out of the 3,143 acres reserved for public exploitation in Prakasam district, APMDC enteredinto an agreement with Gimpex Ltd., over an extent of 1307.26 acres and also establishment of beneficiation plant under Joint Venture. The lease has been granted and environment clearance is awaited. The production will start by December 2013.

This is a strategic mineral used in Nano Technology and whose value is ten times more than the value of Gold. APMDC has invited expression of interest for exploitation, research and development of Fullerene and value added Industries in PPP mode. The same is under finalization.


APMDC earned record revenue of Rs. 656.84 crores during the year 2012-13, which is 75% higher than the year 2011-12.

The Net Worth of the Corporation reached new heights. The Net Worth of the Corporation during the year 2012-13 is Rs. 751.44 Crores, which is 80% higher than the year 2011-12.

APMDC earned a record provisional profit after tax of Rs. 334.55 Crores, which is 124% higher than the year 2011-12.

The Corporation paid a record advance tax of about Rs. 158 Crores for A.Y. 2013-14 (F.Y. 2012-13).

The Corporation is the highest tax payer for A.Y. 2013-14 (F.Y. 2012-13) in the Circle-2(3) IT TOWERS, VIJAYAWADA

Adopted e-auction for the first time in the history of the Corporation for sale of minerals from the year 2012-13.

For the first time in the history of the Corporation, developed in house technology of generating digital maps of different thematic layers viz., geology, structure, land use and land cover and now fully equipped with both software and hardware capabilities for generating, modifying and publishing of all kinds of geo referenced and digital maps.

In order to obtain efficient, effective and quality output and strengthen internal capabilities, standardize norms, thereby transform APMDC into a global company, the Corporation introduced Policy Reforms and formulation of policies and preparation of manuals related to Policy on Finance, HR Policy, Energy Audit Policy, Environmental Policy and Procurement Policy are under finalisation.

From the year 2012-13 formulated APMDC CSR POLICY and proposed to allocate Rs. 6 Crores every year under this policy focusing on education, safe drinking water supply, health care/medical facility, skill development/ empowerment, sports & culture and support during natural calamities.

CSR Policy

From the year 2012-13 formulated APMDC Health Care Policy for maintenance of health and prevent diseases for its employees and their family members and inhabitants living in and around of the project areas.

Held APMDC Sports Festival from 24th to 26th January 2013 at Lal Bahadur Stadium, Vijayawada for its workforce for the first time in the history of the Corporation.

The Corporation framed Citizens Charter to discharge its obligation towards Customers.

APMDC believes in harmonious industrial relations and all its policies are aligned to achieve this.

APMDC poised to achieve turnover of Rs. 1,000 Crores by 2016-17.

The Corporation apart from successfully exploiting the mineral wealth of the State is contributing to employment generation in the State. The Corporation established its Branches in remote area and thus helped in developing the profile of those towns/villages considerably. The establishment of these branches contributed in development of infrastructure in the surrounding villages and town also. The Corporation provided Labour Welfare measures like Housing, Medical facilities, Janatha Accident Insurance, Gratuity linked Insurance, free uniform and other benefits. At present there are about 187 regular employees as against the cadre strength of 481 on the rolls of the Corporation spreading all over the State.