PROJECTS - New Projects


 1. Bauxite Deposits:

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Bauxite is raw/ore material for manufacturing of Alumina/Aluminium, which is having vide role in industrial development of the entire globe. Such deposits occur in the Andhra Pradesh have been estimated to 1000 million tonnes, out of which 570 million tonnes have been investigated at Visakhapatnam and East Godavari districts in 25 pockets covering an area of about 4775 hect. Prominently these deposits are devided into two groups viz. Araku and Chintapalli. All these areas fall in the reserve forest and notified scheduled tribal area. The Government of Andhra Pradesh (GoAP) has reserve ed these deposits for exclusive exploitation in public sector vide G.O.Ms.No. 999, Industries and commerce (Mines-I) Department, dt. 25.10.1975. Accordingly, the Corporation has filed mining lease applications for all these bauxite areas.

Geologically, the bauxite is an insitu sedimentary deposit occur as capping at highly elevated Eastern Ghat hills. Owing to close proximity to the east coast of India these deposits are termed as East coast bauxites. The deposits are derived by the weathering of alumina rich rocks of Eastern Ghat Super group consisting predominantly khondalite, charnockite rocks under tropical conditions. Gibbesite is the main aluminous hydroxide with sub-ordinate amount of diaspora, heamatite, goethite etc., Generally, the deposit consists of the alumina varying between 42% - 56% with low silica (‹ 4%) and titania (‹ 2%).

The MoU was signed on 14.02.2007 between GoAP and Government of Ras Al Khimah ( United Arab Emirates) who setup an Alumina plant and Aluminium smelter in A.P with a capacity of 1 million tonne and 2.5 lakh tonn respectively. The Corporation will supply the bauxite needed for the plant from the Jerrila blocks I, II, III & VIII covering an extent of 1162 hect. having a reserves of 224.60 million tonnes. The Corporation has been granted the four Mining leases in the Jerrila area duly obtained pre-requisite approvals of mining plans from the IBM. The corporation got prepared the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA)/Environmental Management Plan (EMP) by the Indian Council of Forestry Research & Education, Dehradun duly getting approval of terms of references from the MOE&F. The public hearing was conducted on 03.10.2008 at Chintapalli village required under the notification No. SO 1553, dt 14.09.2006 and the circular thereof issued by MOE & F, Government of India.

Environmental clearance has been accorded for the 4 blocks of Jerilla on 12.12.2008 by the Ministry of Environment & Forest, Government of India. Subsequently, the Government of India has also accorded Environmental clearance on 20.03.2009 for the proposed expansion of Bauxite ore mining from 1.00 MTPA to 3.85 MTPA in an area of 33.5 ha./year out of 460 ha. in the Jerilla block III and other three blocks shall not be worked before the block III is exhausted and reclamation is completed.

The MoEF has also agreed in-principle for diversion of Forest land on 12.08.2008. The Government of India through the letter dt. 17.08.2015 accorded approval under sec 2 of the Forest (Conservation) Act, 1980 for division of 1,212 ha. of Forest Land in Chintapalli and Jerrela RF of Narsipatnam Forest division, Visakhapatnam district. Accordingly the GOAP through G.O.MS.No.97 EFS&T (Section II) Dept., dt 05.11.2015 has issued orders in favour of APMDC Ltd.

A minimum of 0.5% of revenue shall be spent on health, training, social infrastructure and welfare of the Tribals. The Corporation is already imparting training to 200-Tribal Youth (196 on roll at present) of Araku and Ananthagiri mandals of Visakhapatnam in mining and allied activities by paying stipend of Rs.10,582/- per month per each trainee and also providing food and washing allowances etc. and in order to absorb them in the industry soon after the starting of the Bauxite Project.

2. Mining Zones (Road Metal)

APMDC has taken up a unique project to develop road metal in and around certain urban areas of the state. Seven Mining Zones were identified around Tirupathi and Vishakhapatnam cities. The APMDC proposes to develop the quarry on its own in an environmental friendly manner and supply the raw material to the crushers located in the mining zones.

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3. Heavy Mineral Beach Sands

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Resistant and heavy minerals with specific gravity higher than 2.78 generally constitute beach placers which are formed along the coast by wave and wind action. The placers usually contain ilmenite, zircon, rutile, monazite, garnet and sillimanite. These placers are also referred to a black sands and heavy mineral beach sands.

M/s V.V.Mineral, Chennai also evinced interest to form Joint Venture with the Corporation for mining and mineral separation of Heavy Mineral Beach Sands and also establishment of Value added unit based on the deposits in Gara, Srikakulam mandals of Srikakulam District over an extent of 14.78 sq.kms. Accordingly the Corporation entered into an agreement with M/s V.V.Minerals Pvt.Ltd., on 30-12-2006 as approved by the GoAP. The Mining Plans in respect of 3-areas earmarked for development under JVC of APMDC with M/s V.V Minerals Pvt.Ltd. for Garnet and Sillimanite are submitted to IBM and they are under scrutiny for approval.

4. Low grade Iron – Ore:

Click here to Download MOU among APMDC & Ms. Gimpex Ltd on Low Grade Iron Ore

Click here to Download Agreement among APMDC & Ms. Gimpex Ltd on Low Grade Iron Ore

Government reserved low grade Iron Ore deposit areas in Konijedu, Marlapadu, etc villages in Prakasam District over an extent of 3,143 acres for exploitation in public sector.

The Corporation signed an MoU with M/s. Gimpex Ltd., Chennai for exploitation of low grade Iron Ore deposits over an extent of 1307.26 acres and establishment of beneficiation plant under Joint Venture. The annual capacity of the proposed project is 5 lakh MTs and the expected revenue is Rs. 2.25 crores per annum @ Rs. 45 / MT of concentrate produced. This project would generate employment for 500 to 800 people. This project involves investment of Rs. 150 to Rs. 175 crores.

5. Calcite Deposit:

The Corporation holds leases for Calcite in Visakhapatnam district located at S.Nos. 35/p over an extent of 37.896 hect. and at S.Nos. 29/1&2, 33/5 and 34/1-7 over an extent of 8.725 hect. of Nimmalapadu village of Ananthagiri mandal falling in the scheduled tribal area. The Calcite occur in the areas as an intrusive seems to be sandwiched between khondalites and granite gneiss of Easternghat metamorphic rocks. The estimated total reserves of the calcite is about 116 lakh tonnes.

The Corporation is planning to invite Tribal entrepreneurs to exploit the deposit through raising cum sale contract.

 6. Other Minerals:

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7. Silica sand :

The Corporation is having a mining lease for silica sand over an extent of 32.54 Acres in Varagalli (H) Mamidi (V) Chillakur (M) in Nellore district. The Corporation entered into an agreement with M/s. Indian Minerals, Nellore on 08.02.2012 for working on Raising-cum-Sale contract basis for a period of 5 years. The Corporation receives a minimum consideration of Rs. 3.00 lakhs per annum.

 8. Fullerene:

 Fullerene is carbon allotrope C60, accidentally discovered by Harold Kroto, Robert Curl and Richard Smalley while investigating absorption spectra of interstellar dust. This form of carbon was named after renowned British architect Buckminster Fuller, who designed many geodesic domes. The structure of fullerene resembles soccer ball and nicknamed as buckyball after his first name and as Fullerene his last name. Fullerene C60 has sixty carbon atoms with exactly 60 vertices with both six sided and five sided segments resembling a spherical cage.

Fullerene Report

 9. Coal:

 “Madanpur South Coal Mine” allotted to M/s APMDC under the allotment of Coal Mines of State Government Companies of States other than Coal bearing host states for sale of Coal under the provisions of the Coal Mines (Special Provisions) Act 2015. It is located in Korba District, Chhattisgarh State having 183.38 Million Tones E to F Grade Reserves of coal in 713.5 Hectares of area. Mining Plan approved by Ministry of Coal, Government of India and Forest Clearance pending at MoEF for final approval. Production of coal is expected to commence from the year 2020 and peak production would be 5.40 Million Tones /Annum.

 APMDC has been allotted “Suliyari Coal Mine” under the allotment of Coal Mines of State Government Companies of States other than Coal bearing host states for sale of Coal under the provisions of the Coal Mines (Special Provisions) Act 2015. It is located in Singrauli Distrct of Madhya Pradesh having 145 Million Tones B to D Grade reserves of coal in 1298 Hectares of area. Mining plan prepared and submitted to Ministry of Coal for final approval and the process of Environmental Clearance and Land Acquisition is in final stage. Production of Coal is expected to commence from the year 2020 and peak production would be 5 Million Tones /Annum. The operation of Mine will be done by through Mine Developer and Operator (MDO) basis.