Marketing & Sales


The Corporation is having mining leases for ball clay in Dwarakatirumala village, near Bhimadole in W.G. District over an extent of 34.41 Acrs. The lease is given for working on raising cum-sale contract basis for two years in March 2013 on a minimum consideration of Rs 19.80 lakhs per annum with a minimum target production of 30,000 MTs of Clay per annum in the first year and minimum consideration of RS. 26.40 lakhs per annum with minimum target production of 40,000 MTs of Clay per annum in the second year. The clay washing plant situated in the vicinity of the mine and also is given on lease basis on consideration of Rs 3,03,000/- p.a.

The production targets of Ball Clay achieved since 10 years are given below in tabular form:

Year Production(in MTS) Sales with Consideration Amount(in Lakhs)
2005-06 73,987


2006-07 97,366


2007-08 76,057


2008-09 78,693


2009-10 27,828


2010-11 88,217


2011-12 93,936


2012-13 860


2013-14 0


2014-15 0


2015-16 (upto Jan 16) 8,234


Uses of Ball Clay: This will be used in the ceramic industry for making tiles etc.


The Corporation has signed a contract dt.30.09.2015 with M/s. Sri Satya Sai Mineral, Dwarakatirumala for allotment of Clay washing plant in the vicinity of Corporation’s Ball Clay Mine at Dwarakatirumala in West Godavari District on annual lease basis. The contractor is required to pay a lumpsum consideration amount of Rs.3,03,000/- per annum.


1. The Corporation has signed 3 contracts dt:18.06.2008 with M/s.Gimpex Ltd, Chennai, M/s.IBC Ltd., Chennai and M/s.Trimex Industires Ltd., Chennai for establishment of Barytes Beneficiation plant in and around Mangampet (V), Kadapa Dist., AP to beneficiate low grade Barytes in Joint Venture with the Corporation. This is due to the encouraging results for beneficiation studies made by National Metallurgical Laboratories Jamshedpur. It is expected to beneficiate about 2 lakh tonnes of low grade Baryes ore per annum and to upgrade to marketable grade, since the stocks of low grade Barytes are piling up every year due to insignificant demand.

2. M/s.IBC limited has completed establishment of Barytes beneficiation plant in the vicinity of Mangampet Barytes Mine. APMDC is supplying raw material (C+D+W) barytes to the plant production of Barytes powder is in progress.

3. Gimpex Ltd., and Trimex Ltd., were unable complete the establishment with in time due to problems like land acquisition, water etc., they have requested the Corporation for extension of time. Accordingly, the agreements were renewed granting the extension of time, with Trimex Industries on 25.04.2014 and with Gimpex on 17.05.2014.

4. The Corporation has also invited few private firms in Barytes business and also to ONGC & Oil to establish low grade barytes beneficiation plant in joint venture.

5. ONGC came forward to establish the plant in JV. An MoV was signed before the Hon’ble CM of AP in the industrial meet held on 29.04.2015. The annual capacity of the proposed plant is about 2 lakh MTs. If the plant is established the entire requirement of ONGC of the raw material (barytes powder) can be fulfilled for captive consumption at their oil exploration sites.

6. Few domestic companies have also established a beneficiation plant in Tamil Nadu & AP. APMDC is contemplating the supply of Barytes to thus plants also.