Exploration and Exploitation of Mineral Resources, Establishment and Promotion of Mineral Based Industries.
Welcome to The Andhra Pradesh Mineral Development Corporation Limited (APMDC Ltd.)

The Andhra Pradesh Mineral Development Corporation Ltd., was incorporated on 24th Feb., 1961 as a wholly owned undertaking of the Government of Andhra Pradesh to develop mineral resources in Andhra Pradesh including exploration, exploitation, conservation, processing, beneficiation, conversion into value added products and promotion of mineral based industries. APMDC registered under the Companies Act 1956 with an authorised capital of Rs.50 lakhs with full participation by Government of Andhra Pradesh.  The Authorised capital is increased, from time to time, to Rs. 10 Crores.  The paid up capital is Rs. 630.62 Lakhs.

White paper on Bauxite Mining in Jerrela deposits, Chintapalle, Visakhapatnam

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1. Barytes Project, Mangampet, Cuddapah District: Mining lease of 225.05 Ha. and working since 1975 onwards. Still there is a reserve of 50MT. The life of the mine is another 17 to 20 years. This is the main resource to the Corporation.

2. Galaxy Granite Project, Chimakurthy, Prakasham District: Corporation having own land of 109 Ha. Out of which 33.6 Ha. are under operation through 2 JV companies. From this project Corporation is earning Rs. 15 Crores / Annum.

3. Ball Clay Project, DwarakaTirumala, West Godavari District: Working under raising contract basis & having a lavigation plant for beneficiation.

4. Color granite in Srikakulam District: Working under raising cum sale contract basis. Revenue from this project is Ra.18,24,000/- per year.


1. Low Grade Iron Ore Beneficiation / Pelletization in Ananthapur District. (JV with M/s. KIOCL): Prospecting License is yet to be granted after obtaining prior approval from GoI. This project is under JV with M/s. KIOCL Ltd., & M/s. RINL for exploitation of Iron ore, beneficiation & establishment of pellatization plant.

2. Low Grade Iron Ore Project in Prakasham District. (JV M/s. Gimpex Ltd.): Lease granted, awaiting Environmental Clearance for exploiting the iron ore & establishment of beneficiation plant with M/s. Gimpex Ltd. Under JV.

3. Low Grade Barytes beneficiation project in Cuddapah District.(JV with IBC): Out of 3 JV Companies, only 1 JV company M/s. IBC Ltd. has established beneficiation plant & ready for commercial production.

4. Bauxite project in Visakhapatnam District: Awaiting 2nd stage forest clearance for exploitation in Jerrella group of bauxite mines and the material will be supplied to M/s. ANRAK Aluminum Ltd. Who has established Alumina Refinery &smelter.

5. Heavy Mineral Beach sand in Srikakulam District:

6. Mining zones in Chittoor District (Road Metal): Only 1 quarry lease is granted for road metal & is to be executed.

7. Mining zones in Visakhapatnam District (Road Metal): Quarry lease granted for road metal, but not executed.

Financial Performance of the Corporation for the last six years